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Fr. Sean McManus and Raymond McCord in a Congressional office. Capitol Hill. 2009. [Photo is not part of the Irish Echo Article.]




October 6-12, 2021


I want to thank the Irish National Caucus again publicly for its support and continually keeping the United States Congress informed not only about my own case—the 1997 murder by State agents of my son Raymond, Jr.—but many of the cases that involved British government collusion and cover-up. And for their current work in exposing the British government’s shameful justice dismantling amnesty plans.

As I keep saying, what a surprise it was to me—a Belfast Protestant and Unionist that it was Fermanagh Catholic priest in Washington, from a deeply patriotic Irish family, who helped me get a Congressional Hearing on the murder of my son, while not one Unionist politician or Protestant Minister supported my family for the terrible loss of our son, Raymond, Jr. They acted like that because they didn’t want to be associated with me as I was exposing that the police and the British intelligence agencies colluded with their agents in the terrorist UVF that murdered our beloved son, Raymond, Jr., and then covered up that brutal murder. And, what a difference there is between the Members of Congress and the Unionist politicians as I will never forget the days in May—3rd to 15th —2009, when Fr. McManus brought me to Washington and escorted me around Congress to meet so many key Congressional Friends of the Irish National Caucus.

One moment I will never forget was when he introduced me to the then Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Human Rights, Congressman Bill Delahunt (D-MA). As Fr McManus says in his Memoirs, My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland: “Bill, for over thirty years I have been telling the Congress about how the British government covered up the murder of Catholics in Northern Ireland. But today, I bring a staunch Protestant from Belfast to tell you how the British government has covered up the murder of his son.” (Page 329. Third U.S. Edition 2019). And with that, Fr. Mc Manus turned the meeting over to me. Can you imagine the feeling in me and the gratitude that within 15 minutes Congressman Delahunt promised me a Congressional Hearing into the murder of my son. Fr. Mc Manus again brought me back to testify personally at that Hearing on October 22, 2009. I can never thank the Irish National Caucus and the United States Congress enough.

Then in February 2020, Fr. McManus once again brought me back to Washington and he and the Executive Vice President of the Irish National Caucus, Barbara Flaherty escorted me around meetings in Congress. I am deeply grateful for the kindness and support of Barbara.

Finally, let me say this: It is true that some in Ireland have also helped me and other victims and brought to the attention of the United States Congress the ongoing serious problems, created by British Prime Minister Johnson, for victims in Northern Ireland. However, for me and for my own personal experience, I can testify to the unique role of the Irish National Caucus …this Belfast Protestant Unionist could not be more grateful. Their support has been
— Raymond McCord. Mr. McCord is a
Belfast-based human rights